Friday, November 13, 2015

I admit it

I admit I'm not doing fabulously my first week back at trying to be healthy.

If I had a dollar for every time I've "started" this venture, I'd be able to buy some pretty damn cool.

Why do I have no self-discipline?

I was just talking with a friend yesterday and we both said that if we were suddenly diagnosed with some horrible disease we'd instantly stop eating poorly and totally just eat all the stuff we know is good for us.

And we were kind of wondering, if we KNOW that eating well is that good for us, why would we wait until we have devastating news and have ruined our bodies?  Why not be pre-active about it?

My friend stated that she wouldn't want to suffer by giving up sugar and things she enjoys eating unless she know there's a tangible reason.

Me?  Apparently my self-control doesn't care until/unless there's a big scare.

Well, we'll see.  I'm not giving up yet.

So I think one of my biggest problems is lack of preparation.

When I'm really hungry and the kitchen is a mess and making anything healthy would involve, not only cleaning the kitchen but PREPARING FOOD... eek!  Yeah, it's just so much easier to say, screw it.  I'll start eating healthy later  Right now I just need to get something into my body.

I cleaned half the kitchen last night.  Plan to tackle the other half this morning.

Then I'll start meal planning.

I like Adelle Davis's Diet for a Small Planet.  Lots of stuff in there makes sense and there are some cool-looking recipes.

I just picked up (at an estate sale!) the Forks over Knives cookbook.  Haven't perused it yet.

Some cool vegetarian cookbooks sitting on my coffee table (garage sale finds).  I did do one recipe from one of them last week and it was super yummy.  A cauliflower, tomoto, feta cheese dish.

And yeah, not a full on vegan yet.  While cheese and eggs gross me out, I just am not ready to take the full plunge into plant protein yet.  I'll explain maybe the reason why in a future blog post.

Okay, just thought I'd check in and re-confirm my intent.  Fingers crossed.  I'll keep you posted.

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